Essential Life Hacks For High Schoolers

Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

With this whole year being out of the ordinary, hopefully, these life hacks can make life a little bit more straightforward. Maybe when the opportunity comes to put these hacks into tuition, teens might think twice and save some time or be better prepared for the day’s adventures. Here are the top 12 life hacks for high schoolers found from

  1. Eating breakfast makes it easier to burn calories throughout the day.
  2. Want to decorate your computer or phone case? Send the clothing store Zumiez a blank envelope and they will send free stickers within 2-3 weeks!
  3. Want to know if you’ve potentially found your highschool sweetheart? Pupils expand when they see someone or something they love.
  4. The color yellow reduces the production of melatonin, a chemical in your brain which makes you tired. 
  5. Stretching before bed makes your body easier to get comfortable.
  6. If you’re still exhausted when waking up, you might be dehydrated. Drink water ASAP!
  7. Senior Collin Riddell recommends putting newspapers in wet soccer cleats to make them dry faster.
  8. Cold showers stimulate the immune system and are better for your hair.
  9. Copy and paste your essay into a translator. It’s the easiest way to find your mistakes.
  10. You can measure whatever you’d like on your iPhone. The “Measure” app allows you to use a tape measure through your phone.
  11. You can light a spaghetti noodle to help light multiple candles so you don’t burn yourself.
  12. Raina Christenson said she uses a straw to get the stems off of strawberries.