Students Top 5 Restaurants In Basehor

Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

Basehor only offers nine restaurants, so there aren’t many options. Basehor can still fill you up whether it’s just a quick bite or a sit-down dinner with family. So which restaurant should win?


  1. Daylight Donuts. Since its opening back in 2017, they have gained huge popularity in town. Each location is privately owned and they only are available in a total of 28 states. The company originated in the midwest so it’s very fitting there happens to be one here. They have great donuts and coffee but it still is pricy and that’s why it comes in 5th place.


  1. Perky’s Cafe

Perky’s Cafe is a great place to eat breakfast and lunch. They have two locations including one also in DeSoto. They have plenty of options to choose from for whatever you’re feeling. They are offering good food for an even better price. They don’t tend to receive the best of reviews from people in other town, but it is loved in Basehor. Students that were surveyed all said the same thing, it tastes good. They often used the word “Slaps” or “Smacks” which both mean that it’s excellent. 


  1. Subway

This was going to make the list, it was just a matter of where it would go. Subway is a huge chain around the US. They have even more shops than McDonalds. Being easy and cheap to open and able to draw a good crowd explains just why they seem like they are everywhere. The fresh ingredients are also showing why its’s such a good option. They use over 16 acres of lettuce nationwide each day. Even with over 1,000 store being closed in 2018, they still continue to strive here. It’s perfect for a pre-game meal or lunch on the weekends, so it explains why it is so well liked here.


  1. Sonic

Since starting as a root-beer stand, saying the menu has expanded is an understatement. Like Daylight Donuts, the company was founded in Oklahoma. They have over 1.5 million possible drink combinations they boast about. The drive-in isn’t only a good place to get a quick bite, but also a place for some to just hang out. It’s so popular here in town because of how convenient it is for everyone. The drinks are a good price and it’s right in the middle of town. It always seems to be pretty busy and the crowd seems to be all of the students. They are almost always coming out with a new item to sell and that makes them strive so well here.


  1. Rodeo

The winner of the most popular restaurant in Basehor goes to the Mexican cantina, Rodeo. People all throughout the Kansas City area are coming to give this a try and everyone seems to

love it. The portions are great for the very affordable prices. The restaurant hasn’t been open for very long but it is already a staple in town and it seems it is here to stay.