Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Social Media Manager

As students begin this new quarter, it’s important to remember that everyone needs to step back and take a break sometimes. Maybe you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed with everything going on in your life. Try one of these examples to help ease your stress.

    • Read a book. Put your technology away and allow yourself to dive into a good book where you can pretend to be anyone! Reading is a great alternative to social media because when you’re on social media you compare your life to others without even realizing it. Once developed this habit is hard to break which is why sometimes it is just better to take a step back and read instead.
    • Take a hot shower/bath. According to 24Life.com, taking a hot bath or shower reduces the tension in your body, which leaves you feeling calm and fresh. Due to this, it will help reduce your stress as well.
  • Face mask. No, not a face covering. An actual face mask! Not only will face masks help you to relax, it will also clear your skin.
  • FaceTime a friend. Try talking to a friend that you trust. Oftentimes, simply by talking about our feelings, we begin to feel better about them. If you’re not ready to talk about your feelings then just a normal conversation will help too.
  • Make your favorite meal. There’s nothing better than the first bite of your favorite comfort food. Whether it’s a grilled cheese sandwich or an oreo shake, it will do the trick. 
  • Go on a run or do a quick workout. Exercise is proven to reduce stress and anxiety as stated by the Mayo Clinic. However a workout may look to you, it’s worth a try. Not only will it make you feel better in the moment, it will also help your long-term health.
  • Journal or start a ‘grateful’ list. A quick and easy way to get your thoughts and feelings out is to write them down. This can be an extremely great way to express yourself if you aren’t comfortable telling another person. If you don’t feel like journaling you could start a list of things you are grateful for. This list could be anything and everything that you are thankful for in your life.
  • Watch your favorite TV show. Watching a show that you enjoy can help take your mind off what is happening in your life and is a great way to unwind after being overwhelmed.
  • Do something artistic. Drawing, painting, coloring or doing a random craft is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. This also allows you to get your hands involved and use your imagination to create something.
  • Simply unplug. Sometimes all you need to do is put down your phone, computer or other technology devices and take a few moments to yourself. Take deep breaths and think about what could be making you feel this way.
  • Sit in nature. Another great way to try to destress is to sit outside, whether this is on your porch, by a pond or even driving somewhere you know you like the scenery. Just by sitting in nature and allowing yourself to observe what’s happening around, you will help you relax a little bit.