Random Facts Around the Building


Written by: Jaedin Turner , Social Media Manager


How well do you know your classmates at school? Try to match the random fact to who said it and see how well you actually know your peers.

  1. “I prefer snowboarding over skiing even though I’m not as good at snowboarding.” 
  2. “I can fold my tongue into a four-leaf clover and my lucky number is four.”
  3. “I have a small tattoo on my wrist.” 
  4. “Sometimes I help announce the football games.” 
  5. “I transferred to Basehor from Tonganoxie.” 
  6. “I’ve moved seven different times.” 
  7. “I have a two year old sister and I also have Celiac Disease.” 
  8. “I am double jointed in both of my thumbs. Because I am double jointed I can push them out of place and it doesn’t hurt.”
  9. “I have lived in the same house my whole life.” 
  10. “I used to play basketball and I only made one shot the entire season.” 
  11. “My freshman year I went to a state piano competition and got the highest rating possible.” 
  12. “One time I broke a bone in my foot and didn’t find out until three weeks after it happened.” 
  13. “My dream job is to travel the world and get paid for it.” 
  14. “I can’t say words correctly if they end in ‘ing’ like sing for example.” 
  15. “I’m an only child.”


  1. Kaleb Kolich
  2. Bella Zarate
  3. Taylor Pratt
  4. Lexy Augustine
  5. Faith Lowe
  6. Kadence Myers
  7. Lily Kuhlmann
  8. Kennason Suchy
  9. Josh Benton
  10. Taylor Cruse
  11. Jordan Knipp
  12. Kaden Sims
  13. Trevor McBride
  14. Brenna Lynn
  15. Landon Bever



1: C, 2: G, 3: A, 4: L, 5: K, 6: N, 7: D, 8: M, 9: B, 10: H, 11: I, 12:F, 13: E, 14: J, 15: O