Holiday Crafts to Get you in the Holiday Spirit


Written by: Riley Wilson, Reporter

These simple, festive crafts will help get you in the holiday spirit in no time. They can also serve as decorations to spruce up your home. The following DIY crafts are also perfect as a gift for a loved one. Making these crafts with a loved one can also be a great bonding experience. So sit down, turn on some holiday tunes, and start crafting!


Plaid Shirt Ribbons: 

Supplies: Plaid shirts (red, green, blue) and scissors.

This gift-wrapping look is super easy and affordable to create. First, cut strips of your unwanted plaid shirts. Make sure the pattern is shown on both sides of the cloth. Then, tie it around your present, and voila. Hot-glueing buttons and candy canes can give it an even further effect as well.


Embroidery Hoop Ornaments:

Supplies: Small embroidery hoop, fabric, needles and thread.

Can you cross-stitch or embroider? If so, this craft is simple to create. After you have finished your design, leave it in the embroidery hoop. Once you tie a loop around the top you have yourself a perfect ornament to hang on the tree. The pattern could also be used in other places as well for that festive feel.


Chalk Paint Ornaments:

Supplies: Simple ornaments, black chalk paint and chalk or a paint pen.

If the last ornament DIY wasn’t possible for you, this one is simple for everyone. Cover an ornament with black chalk paint and then you will have a blank canvas to doodle or leave a name and date. Regular chalk works just as well if you don’t have access to a paint pen.


Pringles Can Cookie Container:

Supplies: Empty Pringles can and wrapping paper or paint.

Last but certainly not least, a decorative container to store your Christmas cookies and candy. This one is also very simple. Putting wrapping paper around it alone can make it decorative. Another way to give it a more personal touch is by painting the can. After it’s dry, store whatever you need inside.