A Complete Review of Lil Tjay’s New Album


Written by: Rylee Jones, Reporter

Rapper, singer and songwriter Lil Tjay has finally come out with his new album Destined 2 Win. The album has 21 tracks and features artists such as 6LACK, Polo G, Saweetie, Offset and more. This is the teenager’s third album and has a variety of songs talking about things from his rise to fame from poverty in the Bronx, motivational songs and songs about girl issues.


Track 1- Destined 2 Win:

The minute-long opener to the album was tired. It would have been better for it to come in with something a bit more upbeat. However, having Margie Joseph do some vocals in the background was a nice touch. 4/10.


Track 2- Born 2 Be Great:

The story in this song was good, but it sounded too similar to a lot of other music. It was boring to sit through. The verse that spun off one of drakes verses from “Work” by rihanna was cool, but it just gave the song even less originality. 4/10.


Track 3- Calling My Phone:

This is perhaps the most popular on the album and it’s clear why. Between the originality in the post-chorus and the relatable story of moving on from an ex, this is a solid song with a good feature. 8/10.


Track 4- What You Wanna Do:

This song was a bit more upbeat than the other ones and the speed made it a bit more entertaining to listen to. The lyrics were slightly repetitive, but overall the message of the song and the beat was good. 6/10.


Track 5- Hood Rich:

This song is the best so far. It has a great beat that doesn’t sound like every other rap song and it discussed Lil Tjays rise to fame from poverty on the Bronx growing up which is interesting. 8/10.


Track 6- Oh Well

The lyrics in this song has some good moments, but it is not the best song ever. The beat was basic, and it sounded like every other rap song. Compared to the many artists that have come out with fresh songs with things people have never heard before, this song does not measure up.  6/10.


Track 7- Headshot (feat. Polo G & Fivio Foreign):

This song had a good mixture of people, so it was hard to go wrong. The lyrics being about their fame and violent nature plus the drill beat make this a solid song. It is not exactly top of the charts worthy, but it is one of the better songs of the album. 7/10.


Track 8- Gang Gang

This song sounded like it was made by a middle school Soundcloud rapper. The chorus was repetitive and a complete bore and the beat was basic. Overall the whole song lacked layers and originality. 3/10.


Track 9- Go Crazy

This song aligned wit the theme of this album talking about his lifestyle with fame and money plus talking about how he is still trying to make his way to the top. It was also the lease repetitive song so far. 6/10.


Track 10- Irregular Love

This song slowed things down a bit. It was a pleasant surprise to hear some sounds in the music that Lil Tjay had never used before. Although it was your typical song about girl issues, this song shows more diversity in the rappers music. 6.5/10.


Track 11- Move (feat. Saweetie)

This song had a great beat and was not boring at any point. The chorus was catchy, and Saweetie and Tyga’s parts really added some needed layers to the song. 7.5/10


Track 12- Slow Down

The music in this song is modern and gives a different feel than most of Tjay’s songs. The lyrics are catchy and original. This is one of the better songs in this album. 8/10


Track 13- Love Hurts (feat. Toosii)

This song stays in line with the rappers many songs about holding onto his relationships and touching on how they found their way from poverty to fame. The song is not amazing, but the lyrics are relatable. 6.5/10


Track 14- Run it Up (feat. Offset & Moneybagg Yo)

This collab seemed like it would be iconic, but this song is a disappointment. It gets a little repetitive, and it just does not have a wow factor that other songs do. It is boring and not original. 5/10


Track 15- Part of the Plan

The lyrics of this song are great and it has an entertaining beat. It tells the story of being a Bronx natice and some of the trauma Tjay has been through to get the the lifestyle he has now. He also references on of his friends that got stabbed in August of 2016 which adds even more meaning to this song. 7/10.


Track 16- No Cap

This song has one of the best beats of the album so far. Not only is the beat great, but the lyrics also talk about the rappers pain in losing people important to him and the obstacles he faced before his claim to fame. 8.5/10.


Track 17- Life Changed

This song was solid. It went with the motivational theme of the album and was not boring to listen to, but this still was not the most original sounding song ever. The use of string instruments in the background was a good touch though. 5/10.


Track 18- Nuf Said

This song was slow, but far from boring. This short and melodic beat had better musicality than other songs and gave a modern feel. 7.5/10.


Track 19- Losses (Bonus)

This is definitely one of the best songs on the album. It goes from being slowed to some faster and more upbeat parts, which makes it interesting. It is also inspiring and original when it dives into Tjay’s troubled past. 8.5/10.


Track 20- Move On – Bonus

Using some guitar in this song was the right move. No other track has such a fresh sound. Tjay sings relatable lyrics and serves something people have never heard before. 9/10.


Track 21- None of Your Love – Bonus

Perhaps Tjay saved the best for last with this song, although it is widely underrated. The sarcastic reference to Justin Bieber’s 2010 hit “Baby” instantly draws people in. The song is quick moving, has relatable lyrics about leaving girls of his past, and is overall catchy. 10/10.