Podcasts that will keep you Glued to your Headphones


Written by: Rylee Jones, Reporter

From the Baby Boomers to Gen Z, one thing that has never gone out of style is podcasts. Sure they may be listened to on Airpods from Spotify versus on an old radio with antenna but it is all the same in the end. Podcasts are a good way to learn new things, keep up with celebrities or simply get a good laugh. They also can be listened to while doing other activities such as homework or cleaning. Here are the top five podcasts for teenagers.


1- Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is a Youtube and fashion world icon, so why not take over the podcast world too? This podcast is ranked number ten on Spotify’s top comedy charts, and it talks about anything from relationship advice, dealing with failure and the trials and tribulations of being a cat mom. With an entertaining and upbeat mood, it is difficult for the listener to ever get bored during this podcast.


2- Code Switch 

Hosted by Gene Demby and Shareen Marisol, this podcast encourages difficult discussions and topics for teens. This podcast talks about how race impacts just about anything, and it explored complexities of interratial friendships and multicultural identity. Code Switch is a must listen for teens who want to learn more about these topics if they aren’t able to have these discussions at home or in school.


3- Teenager Therapy

Perhaps one of the most relatable, this raw podcasts follows the thoughts, concerns and daily occurrences of “stressed, sleep-deprives, yet energetic” teens. The Anaheim teens are open an honest about a range of issues teens may have. Whatever it may be, this podcast covers it. 


4- Mental Music

One in five teens today have a mental illness, and that is why this podcast is on this list of the best for teens. This is a music-based podcast about teens mental health hosted by teens. This podcast is an accessible outlet for teens to hear about other teens issues and how to deal with issues in mental health. The structure is informative and friendly which makes this podcast a great listen for teens.


5- BFFs featuring Josh Richards and David Portnoy

This podcast is similar to the news, but it talks about the drama going on with Tik Tokers and Youtubers rather than important world issues. For those that are all about the tea on if Noah Beck cheated or why David Dobrik is being #cancelled, it can all be found here. The dynamic between the middle-aged CEO of Barstool Sports and a teenage Tik Tok star is amazing and they are able to give different insight on everything.