Play Production

1_1257265975341     The play production class has been working to get the props  done for the play. The people in the play production class at the moment are working on costumes. “we are still working on finishing up costumes” Sophomore Sarah Matthews said.  They like working on them, and it seems pretty fun from what the interviewees have said. The play production team has also worked on the props for the musical to bring the Christmas Carol musical play to life.

Without this team/class the play could not go on because the people in the play would have to do the props and work on the play so it would just be too much then the play could not go on but thanks to the play production class our whole school can enjoy the theatre arts. What the play production class uses to make the props for the Christmas carol play is wood, paint and fabric this is really important because without the materials the props can not be made and the play can not go on. It is really cool how the play production class comes up with the costumes and props that are going to go into the play.

Lots of people had a helping hand. “Gracen designed the door,” Sophomore Addison Gilliam said, Which was a huge help for the production of the play. Sophomore Sarah Matthews said, “I think we all do an equal amount of work for making things for the play!” Addison also said that they are going to be many other “components” and that is going to be a surprise for the premiere showing of the Christmas Carol musical.  The props are really gonna help the musical come to life and bring cheers and even more hurrahs.