Teachers political views

There is an issue that I think is troubling everyone. Well, it has at least gotten me thinking about it. Teachers in this school should be able to discuss their political views. It is a great thing for teachers to discuss their political views, as it provides another perspective that students look to for insight. Every day they could take two minutes out of history class and discuss the political views and current events, and then people could learn from other people and get better ideas on who to vote for or for who to support politically. This will help the kids on who to vote for and which political party to choose.

The school could host a mock election on Friday before the election to see who won and show kids what it is like to vote. The kids could also see who the teachers vote for, and whichever candidate wins the people who chose that candidate could get  a prize or something of that nature . This could help the kids because they could see what other adults think.  The history classes could hold political debates, and the teacher could say which party they supported. The kids could choose, too, and they could debate on it for a class period. When teachers meet during teacher meetings, they could talk about their political views and say why they support each candidate. They could say this to their classes as well. www.debate.org they said that it was bad for teachers to talk about political views but I think not politics is education isn’t? That is why teachers should be able to discuss their political views because teachers and students can bounce off each others Ideas,. This can be another perspective for students to look that for politics, Teachers can talk about it amongst themselves and they can learn from each other.z