Physics Launchers

Students’ catapults are lined up ready to launch. Students got over a month to work of putting their catapults together.
Junior Katrina Sedwick discusses physics formulas before launching catapult.
Senior Aubrey Torkelson watches while Ms. Bovos prepares to launch her catapult.
Students look on while their catapult launches. Everyone hoped their catapult would hit the “100” on the target.
One student’s catapult is made out of a mouse trap. Students had to find unconventional objects to make their catapults.
Junior Timmy Tush poses proudly with his team’s catapult.
Senior Matt Owens makes adjustments to his launcher while another group does their official testing.
Students prepare to perform their official launch testing.
A group’s launcher lands on the target. The target goes from 50-100 points.
One group’s catapult prepares to launch with the bean bag set up.
Students watch in anticipation as their bean bag launches towards the target.
Ms. Bovos launches a group’s bean bag towards the target.
Ms. Bovos sets up a team’s catapult and prepares to launch the bean bag.
Some catapults were so fragile they had to be held certain ways to confirm their launch success.
Some of the groups used different materials other than wood, like Katrina Sedwick’s group.