COVID Hits Boys Basketball


Written by: Lake Harrington, Sports Reporter

As the numbers of COVID-19 at Basehor-Linwood High School continue to rise, the boy’s basketball team is now forced to quarantine after a positive test for COVID-19 following Saturday’s game. The boy’s teams are now forced to reschedule the games missed from the first week of February or take two losses.

“We were playing well, and the chemistry was getting set for a nice run in the playoffs, so now we will pick up the pieces,” said head coach Mike McBride.

Unlike the boys, the girls teams can still play regardless of a positive test due to the girls choosing to wear masks. Three girls are in quarantine, but the girl’s team will still travel to both Baldwin on Tuesday and Wamego on Friday night.

Life always hits you with unexpected twists and turns.  High school sports are there for that exact reason. To teach our youth about adversity and how to overcome those struggles,” said head coach Jason Tatkenhorst.

The boys will take steps in effort to play the rest of the season, and pick up on last season’s unfinished business with COVID ending the season early. The team has to practice next week before they play next Friday against De Soto. The team is still taking safety very serious. The team has new precautions to stop the spread. This will include wearing masks during both games and practices. 

“It’s definetly wasn’t anticipated, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to play” said senior Isaac Stanton.

Stanton hopes the team can come back from the quarantine even better than last week. In hopes to keep the team in form, they have had film sessions on Zoom, and also at-home workouts. 

“Even without being in practice, we can use this time to learn the game even further,” said senior Ryan Auten. 

“It obviously isn’t great so have the season stopped, but we know that we will come back strong next week,” said Auten

Auten is using this time to stay in shape and stay prepared for next week. 

“We all know we can get our momentum back in the next few weeks, and we’re ready to play again.” said Auten

 The boy’s team will return next Friday as both teams face off against division opponets, De Soto. Last weeks games must be made up before sub-state. The boys stand at 9-2, while the girls will hope to improve at 3-5. 

COVID Hits Boys Basketball